LinuxHelp — Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is about how your server performs under load.

Using performance measurement tools such as jMeter, we can show how your current application and server cope with expected and unexpected loads -- whether that's a stocktake sale, launch of a new web site, or clicks coming from press coverage, we can discover the issues before they discover you.

Other services we offer include regular performance measurement over time, tracking server load, and providing optimal performance through improved application deployment.

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure Design is not just about putting your application onto the largest server you can afford and hope that it runs well. Infrastructure design is about tracking down performance bottlenecks in your application, and providing the necessary resources to deal with those bottlenecks.

Using modern day tools such as splunk, valgrind, callgrind and others, we can work to develop the optimum infrastructure plan and deployment process for your application.